Friday, October 09, 2009

Bewitching Garden

My Scarecrow

OK, so a couple of topics here in rain-sodden northern Indiana. My daughter-in-law, Tonya, flew in last night from St. Petersburg. She left 95 degree temperatures and landed in this rainy, almost frozen tundra. Alright, I am exaggerating.

To all of your dismay, I do like this weather. Oh, not for gardening or biking or driving for that matter...but I think artists love the forlornness of cold and rain...sitting by a fire, writing a story, reading a tale or two.

I did hike out to the garden to find the witches hat which blew off in the night. I really should tack it up, but for now I just hunt for the hat every morning. Maybe it is in search of what else I might find in my bewitching garden.

Enough prattle, I am off to Indianapolis to tell ghost stories on the canal. I believe we shall be inside tonight, but tomorrow night I am sure we will bundle up for the adult stories.

Hope to see you there!