Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Recording on the Sea...

Gary Mitchel finishing up my Carl Sandburg CD!!

The day started out like all others...go to breakfast with friends (Gary and Kitty Mitchell), finish up a recording at a local island studio (Gary and Kitty Mitchell), dropping off the finished CD at, well, you guessed it the house of Gary and Kitty Mitchell.

Gary has a small studio in his cottage by the sea. The windows are large and plentiful and so open to the sea it seems as if we are actually riding the waves. I love going to Gary and Kitty's house as it is eclectic with, well, everything. Gary is a musician and song writer and a founding member of Molasses Creek, a local folk band here. Kitty is the island art teacher and an artist herself. Their cottage looks like it belongs to artists!

While Gary works at making my Carl Sandburg recording a delightful and beautiful piece of recorded art, I look around. I am not really nosy, just curious. The cottage is full of art, photographs, pottery, books to be read, books already read, boxes of tea, coffee, thumbnail sketches, old and new programs for Molasses Creek, dishes, a box of bows and ribbons.

I want to settle right into this warm cozy house on this rainy day to read my book or just dream away the afternoon.

All too soon, Gary is making the final CD for me to take back to Philip's to listen to, approve and then get the sales coming in. This CD should be available in a month or so along with two others! This will be a good year for work! I have taken this great picture of Gary so that you will have a glimpse of him and his work on this island of Ocracoke. So, if you are thinking of recording a CD, give Gary a call.

Lou Ann