Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Quietness

It is Monday morning after Thanksgiving. Quiet. Sweet. Clean. (ah, probably not!) The house has been fun, every bed occupied and so many trips to the grocery and vacuuming detail that I could not possibly count all of it!

All the boys, wives, children have been (are still) here from Oregon to Florida and, of course, Aaron and Karen. Philip arrived on Tuesday night to celebrate the holiday with this boisterous family as well as my international student, Mengting, from China.

We put all the leaves in the table and enjoyed meal after meal together. We went out to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our trees together as well. Philip and I were in the old fashioned Christmas parade in Hamilton on Saturday night as well. (Article and picture to follow!)

Abe and Kristin and baby Holly are still here on this foggy, snowy morning and I am just enjoying a bit of the early morning peace and quiet before I go back to school to spend the next three weeks with children too antsy to be in school!