Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pearl Drops of Spring

Tonight sitting out on the old stoop of my lovely old house I was surrounded by a canopy of pale pink petals from my crabapple trees.

We had severe rain all day and tonight by dusk, the clouds parted and streams of sunlight lit up the tangled masses of damp grass. As the wind picked up the petals fell cascaded on my hair, on my shoulders...on my soul.

Aaron and Jonah stopped over on their nightly stroll for some "bubbles" as Jonah says. We pulled out the container and as I blew the bubbles mixed with the pearl drops of spring.

Ahh...joy and wonder.

Lou Ann Homan is a writer, teacher, and storyteller who lives in Angola, Indiana. She is available for writing seminars, storytelling, and speaking engagements. She can be contacted at locketoftime@aol.com. You can read more at www.louannhoman.com