Friday, May 27, 2005

"there is always something to miss...."

Dear Friends,
It is late on a Friday afternoon...I am sitting in my empty, but dusty classroom here in Norhern Indiana..and before I log off, shut down, unplug, I just had to take a few moments to reflect on the school year.

There is something so serendipitous when leaving. Today is my last day of school (the others have to stay another week, but I am part time!!) I said my good byes at 3:20..and spent the last couple of hours wrapping up the last minute details...

What a year this has been...lots of projects...lots of activities. I hope the kids all learned as much as I did! In an empty classroom it is hard to tell...all signs of learning have disappeared..the walls are bare...the clutter is gone, and oh, how I have clutter.

So I'll just check off another teaching year...and move on to the next project which is to get Karen and the babies moved. (More on that later!)

Patricia MacLachan (children's author) once wrote..."there is always something to miss wherever we go..." So my farewells to my classroom and school Keith, the night custodian who keeps me lots of company in the was a good year.